slc-logo.jpgOur mission is straightforward. We believe what churches need are not more tools, but a better understanding of how those tools in the service of clear language should be deployed. Both in assisting leaders to talk with their members and enabling leaders to learn about their members.

Contact Us to Learn More About How We Can Help Your Church Communicate and Grow.

With more than 20 years experience in churches of all denominational types, we have developed a carefully tuned ear to the communication issues churches face, and developed techniques and approaches that work.

We don’t sell technology solutions: We help you leverage and grow the solutions you already have or want to add. 

We specialize in:

  • E-newsletters: These popular communication channels are less about disseminating information and more about strengthening your understanding of your members and the most effective ways to talk with them. We show you how.
  • Websites: You need a website. But how much, and what will it do? How to manage it, and the conflicts that can erupt around it? We will show you.
  • Blogs: If you are pushing information but learning nothing, you are not realizing evening a tenth of the potential with this powerful medium.
  • Communications Cleanup: Whether you have two communication channels or two hundred, if they are not working in concert, you are missing the most valuable opportunity you have to serve your members better.

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