Tucker’s Gift

2013-11-28 16.58.43

This article breaks from most we dispense because it offers not so much communications advice, as a reminder of the power of unconditional love. And the wonder of our pets. 

In Memory of Tucker: 2010-2014

“A home without a dog,” read a sign on my boyhood home, “is just a house.”

This past week, our home became a house once again when we lost our beloved beagle, Tucker.

Tucker’s loss will be with our family for years to come. As will the unconditional love he freely gave to us each and every day of his too-short life.

In my own day-to-day work, I will certainly miss Tucker’s presence. He was by my side as I worked, teased me into walks when he sensed I needed breaks, and laid beside me as I wrestled with the complex and challenging communications questions congregations face.

But it was his unconditional love for me and for my family that will be most missed. It’s the love that we as faith-communities strive to provide despite all of our human failings, and too often fail to live up to.

Our pets, however, live up to the demands of unconditional love more often than not.

Take some time today to return your pet’s unconditional love, and to be thankful for the special bond that we have with our animal fellow-travelers through life.

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