Welcome to Sacred Language Communications

Church leaders are awash in answers: New technology tools aimed at solving this problem or that issue. Theories that promise success if you just follow a particular approach. Or services that promise to do it all–for a very steep fee.

Sacred Language Communications was launched with a different idea in mind.

  • Language is what binds your church: Whether you are united by a shared liturgy, a dynamic leader, a common cultural background, or any of a thousand possibilities, your community shares a distinct language that is your own.
  • That language is sacred: You are a church, and your members are people of faith. The way you communicate demonstrates this. Churches are not businesses–though there are business aspects; nonprofits–though they are structured as such and are frequently goverened as such; or charities–though they do many charitable acts. Churches are distinct, sacred. How you communicate with your congregation must reflect this.
  • Communication channels are two-way: Unlike in many other avenues of life, church communication channels should offer a dialogue. Both those who build and manage the channels and those who receive information from them are in a dialogue, constantly learning from one another. Learning how to understand this dialogue is central for your success.
We are here to teach you how to talk with your members via technology; to dialogue and improve each others lives using the communications channels you have or choose.
This approach stresses careful attention to data, and careful attention to living language.
I look forward to getting to know more about you and your church.
Martin Davis, Principal and Founder

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